Measuring Instruments
Measuring instruments like Vernier Calipers and Precision Measuring Tools, typically crafted from stainless steel, are vital in industrial applications. Their sleek grey finish reflects professionalism and reliability. Designed for precise measurements, they ensure accuracy in dimensions crucial for manufacturing processes, engineering, and quality control.
Precision Measuring Instruments
Precision Measuring Instruments like Outside Micrometers and Internal Groove Caliper Gauges, made of stainless steel with a silver color, find industrial application. Widely used in laboratories, they boast precise design and finish, ensuring accurate measurements for manufacturing processes and quality control, reflecting their importance in industrial settings.
Hand Tools
Hand Tools, including Claw Hammers, Torque Tools, and Rasp Files, come in sizes ranging from 8" to 48". Industrial usage demands reliability reflected in their multicolored design. With a round shape and a six-month warranty, these tools offer precision, durability, and versatility in various applications, ensuring optimal performance in industrial settings.
Machine Tool Holders
Machine Tool Holders, made of steel, feature electric drive with a voltage range of 110-220V, boasting eco-friendliness and high efficiency. With a one-year warranty and non-computerized operation, these holders ensure reliability and performance in industrial applications, offering seamless compatibility and precision in machining operations.

Roller Burnishing Tool
The Roller Burnishing Tool, crafted from mild steel, operates with automatic grade and electric drive, ensuring high performance and efficiency. Its design incorporates advanced technology for precise surface finishing in industrial applications, guaranteeing optimal results with minimal effort and enhanced productivity.
Brazed Carbide Tipped Tools
Brazed Carbide Tipped Tools, round in shape and multicolored, are indispensable in industrial applications. Renowned for their durability and versatility, they excel in cutting and shaping various materials. Their carbide tips offer superior hardness and wear resistance, ensuring precise machining operations. With advanced technology and robust construction, they optimize productivity and longevity.
Jig Boring Micro Boring Tools
Jig Boring Micro Boring Tools, crafted from metal with a silver hue, are vital in industrial settings. Their round shape enables precise machining operations, ideal for intricate tasks. Renowned for their accuracy and durability, they ensure optimal performance in micro-boring applications, contributing to efficiency and precision in manufacturing processes.
Industrial Gauges
Industrial Gauges, including the Internal Groove Gauge, feature a sleek silver and black color scheme. Ranging from 55 to 75mm, these stainless steel tools are essential in industrial settings. Their precise design and durability ensure accurate measurements of internal grooves, facilitating quality control and efficient manufacturing processes.
Machine Tools Accessories
Machine Tools Accessories, constructed from steel and sporting a silver color, boast eco-friendliness and come with a one-year warranty. These accessories enhance machine functionality, offering durability and reliability in industrial operations. Their precise design and sturdy construction ensure seamless integration and optimal performance, contributing to sustainable manufacturing practices.
Torque Wrenches
Torque Wrenches, made of steel with a striking red color, emphasize eco-friendliness and come with a one-year warranty. Essential for applying precise torque to fasteners, they prevent under or over-tightening, ensuring safety and efficiency. Their ergonomic design, advanced technology, and robust construction guarantee reliability and accuracy in various industrial applications.
Lathe Machine Spares
Lathe Machine Spares, crafted from stainless steel and coated for protection, are crucial for machine maintenance. These spares ensure seamless operation and longevity. Known for their durability and precision, they integrate seamlessly with machines, upholding tight tolerances and withstanding heavy-duty machining operations. Their robust construction guarantees reliability in industrial settings.
Wire Twisting Pliers
Wire Twisting Pliers, made from stainless steel with a sleek black color, are essential industrial tools. As twisting pliers, they efficiently twist wires for secure connections. Their round shape and one-year warranty ensure precision and durability. With ergonomic design and advanced technology, they offer reliable performance, enhancing productivity in various industrial applications.

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